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What Comes After Fossil Fuels ?

What oil companies will have to pay in Europe to decommission old wells amounts to half of their reported debt obligations. These are significant.

We’re in a new age of obesity. How did it happen? You’d be surprised.

This short article reviews the possible causes of widespread obesity. It refutes much ‘conventional wisdom’ and puts the blame squarely on sugar and the food industry.

Plastic attacks hit Swiss supermarkets (Le News)

Swiss shoppers dump plastic wrapping at supermarkets to protest excessive plastic packaging. Plastic Attacks, which began at Tesco in Keynsham near Bristol, UK, have occurred in Sion, Pully, Zurich, Bern and elsewhere…

How biochar fertilization works…and practical techniques from Nepal

Biochar captures and releases nutrients (eg nitrogen and phosphorus) slowly into the soil to improve crop yields over an entire growing season and beyond – find out why …