Conference Articles

450 Youth Leaders Converge for Climate Awareness in Lausanne, Switzerland

The Lausanne conference on Climate Awarness – 37 countries and Greta Thunburg.

SSES Annual Congress 2019 on Sustainable Development

Save the Date – The Annual Congress 2019 of the Swiss Society of Economics and Statistics (SSES) will be held at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, Switzerland on Thursday 13 and Friday 14 June 2019.

Global development’s future: a conversation with Achim Steiner, UN Development Programm Administrator

Achim Steiner at IHEID to discuss multilateralism and innovation at UNDP to meet global challenges such as conflict, displacement, inequalities and climate change.

iMatter and tele-talk with Dr Katharine Wilkinson of Project Drawdown

iMatter’s quick reminder about its speaker call Monday, 14 May at 19:00 Central time with Dr. Katharine Wilkinson of Project Drawdown, the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming…