Moudon, Vaud, Suisse – 11-13 mai 2018


The 2nd Edition of the largest Swiss organic agricultural fair will be held from 11 to 13 May 2018 on the site of the school Agrilogie in Moudon. It aims to promote sharing knowledge and to present the latest agricultural technologies positioning organic agriculture as traditional, modern and sustainable agriculture. The agricultural fair brings together all the professions from agriculture, beekeepers, garden produce, breeders, peasants, winegrowers, shepherds, trufficulteurs, cheese producers, butchers, bakers, artisans,… More Information here.

“Food sovereignty: act today to eat well tomorrow” is a travelling exhibition proposed by a broad coalition of civil society organizations – NGOs or organisations of local farmers – from French-speaking Switzerland. The 11 themes of this exhibition explore the links between nutrition and health, between autonomy, proximity, biodiversity and the interests of multinationals, between access to land and resources and quality of food products. Food sovereignty is a concept developed by the International farmers’ movement Via Campesina promoting people’s choice of what they eat and grow. More information here.