What can consumers do to help in the conservation of marine species?


by | May 4, 2018 | Food, Ocean


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  • Choose to buy at stores which offer sustainably caught seafoods.  A store where we buy fish is our closet link to the oceans – and if we buy sustainably caught seafoods, the store will too.  If we don’t care, the store won’t either.
  • Buy labelled products which show an adherence to traceability and fishing legislation. Demand more information.
  • Check the fishing method and buy seafood caught in a sustainable way, eg pole-caught.
  • Consume seasonal fish which are locally caught – to guarantee a more sustainable fishing, as well as to reduce transport routes and lower levels of CO2 pollution,
  • Eat small fish – they’re lower on the food chain and contain less mercury.
  • Diversify the kind of seafood you eat – this reduces the pressure on over fished species and lets them recover.