Quizz – Test your knowledge on food and agriculture !

  • With modern production methods, fruits and vegetables produced today are more nutritious than those produced twenty years ago: True / False?
  • Pesticides always reduce pest damage to crops: True / False?
  • Most people depend on modern, industrialized agriculture for their food, and intensification of such production is essential to feed the world: True / False?
  • Free trade ensures that everyone has access to the food they need: True / False?
  • No one believes that agro-ecological methods can provide enough food for everyone: True / False?
  • People are hungry because there is not enough food and, to feed the world, we need to produce more food: True / False?
  • If food tastes good, it is nutritious and good for you: True / False?
  • Which meat is most climate- and environmentally friendly: Beef? Chicken? Goat? Pork?