Food and Agriculture

Some underlying issues:

changes in life-styles and dietary habits … demographic changes (increasing numbers of people) … increased urbanization … inadequate understanding concerning nutritional needs (including some belief systems) … increasing costs of agricultural inputs … profit margins of seed and other agro-industrial companies and dividends paid … regulatory squeezing of the marketing and use of traditional seeds and natural treatments … increasing privatization … inappropriate/excessive use of  antibiotics in livestock and fish breeding (leading to drug resistance) … excessive influence of agro-industrial companies in food and agriculture policy formulation and the training of agronomists and agricultural extension workers … “revolving doors” between regulatory authorities and agro-industrial companies … advertising that promotes poor nutritional habits … excessive/indiscriminate use of industrially-produced pesticides … pursuit of short-term financial gain in agricultural and industrial production, and accounting systems that permit the externalization of many direct and indirect costs (…)